How differently I would have lived my life,

How differently I would have lived my life, my first 65 years had I only seen things for what they truly are. My approach to life would have been so much more simplistic and uncomplicated, filled with emotional, superstitious ideas. Of course, I am not to blame in all this. As a young child I was indoctrinated by family, school and yes, even some friends to believe that there was an omnipotent power called “GOD” that not only watched over me 24/7, but also had my very existence held in “the palm of His hands”. He would either protect me if I was “good”, meaning adhering to certain tenets set forth in the Bible, or at a religious house of worship, or to the contrary, I would be damned to a special place in hell, to rot forever. Heavens! Oops, there I go again! Losing religion completely and happily was far too long in coming for me. My life had been predicated on performing for this magical man? in the sky, like a circus animal. I wasn’t free to live my life without these troubling constraints. It’s called I believe,. religious guilt, or original sin, or whatever. I now can do without it all, thank you! I have seen what religion has done to this world. Superstition has divided mankind into groups, sects, pitted against one another many times in mortal combat, each slaughtering millions in the name of that somehow benevolent GOD, be he called Yaweh, Allah, Jesus, or what have you. I seek to convince no one that the path I have chosen is for them. I do know now, that it is the correct one for me. I still love and care for my children, grandchildren and friends. I just am happy to base my life decisions going forward upon facts, science and without the bias of superstition. Oh, and the guilt. Happy that is in the trash also. Just thought I’d share…

Boston Bombings – The Muslim Angle

It has been a week since the Boston bombings that left several people dead and hundreds injured. Naturally, it was a pair of God fearing Muslims that were the perpetrators. Now, since I recently became an atheist, I am still trying to purge myself of all the old ingrained habits and automatic reflexes held by […]

Boston Marathon Attack

Here we go again…another attack on a US city. We have no clue who did it or why. Our limp leaders have not much to say other than “to pray”. Do you really think their prayers will be answered? I think not. It is about time for this nation to stop praying for everything, and start taking proactive measures to secure the national defense and homeland security. Obviously, they have not done so yet. The poor folks in Boston who were hurt or killed deserve our sympathy, but not our prayers. They simply won’t work. We need to seek out the terrorists and deal very severely with them. If not, we will all be hiding under the kitchen sink, but I won’t be praying, I’ll be holding a .44.


Today is April 15. Normally a most dreaded day. Federal income taxes must be paid. This is the DEADline for filing. Now that I am an atheist and don’t believe in superstitious entities, should I be scared? They call it a DEADline. Does that mean you die or they kill you if you don’t pay by today?

Should I be afraid of dying at all anymore, now that I am an atheist? After all, now there is no hell to pay anymore. No devil waiting to poke and torture me in that evil inferno.

So, if I don’t pay my taxes on time, what will happen. The government will play the part of Satan and think up some terrible consequences for me. Well, I have some bad news for the government this year. I am retired and no longer have any earned income. So, I am relegating the government right down to the same place the devil himself formally stood. I am sending the government to TAX HELL!  Maybe they and the devil can play together there.

Oh, the feeling of liberation, being freed of both god, superstition, the devil and the IRS!


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